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Kinesis Events - About Us

About Kinesis Events and it’s staff

Kinesis events is a company in its infancy, having been in operation for only 18 months. The company was initially set up to offer custom, tailored events to SME’s, charities and to offer support for school fundraising events.

The aim of the events on offer were to provide a platform for teambuilding, leadership and celebration-based events, primarily to adults, that were unique and tailored to the needs of the customer, not simply an ‘out of the box’ event.

To date the company has been involved in only a small number of events, primarily offering advice and guidance to school communities and other local businesses operating events of their own, this is primarily to due to the relocation of the business from Hamilton to Tauranga and more recently, changing and adding services that required research, innovation a lot of re-organisation.

All of this has led us to this point; we are now offering a variety of new, school based programmes, tailored to the school’s needs and filling a need in the school’s services as its community continues to grow.

We feel that our programmes are unique, high quality and address issues that modern children face by offering activity-based guidance and a programme of hobby-based projects designed to open student’s minds, teach critical thinking skills, give opportunities for new experiences and provide a sense of achievement that is trackable and tangibly rewarded. We are also keen to provide a platform for children to protect themselves in the digital world, make sensible choices around behavior, health and friendship and develop personally in a safe and fun environment.

Further and future staff:

All staff that are or will be involved in the delivery of our programmes are heavily and carefully vetted to ensure the safety, well being and enjoyment of the children. We currently complete the following checks:

  • Police Vetting
  • Reference Checks
  • Online safety checks
  • Strict interview process

Not only do we ensure that our staff are safe and fit to work with our participants, we also have an in-depth interview process to ensure that they will be suited to the role. Our staff must be approachable, entertaining and able to deal with a range of behaviors and difficulties that may arise. We provide extensive in-house training to this end and give preference to other parents and older staff members over younger people.

We will, however, be looking to link up with local technical colleges and professional tertiary providers to offer placements for students looking into work in ECE environments.

Kinesis Events - Our Staff

Lee Smith

BSocS, DipEd

Lee is our business founder and the chief creator and operator of all our programmes.

Lee has taught and coached in just about every age group, including adults and a range of children and teens with various barriers to education and disabilities.

Lee’s career started brightly in the British Armed forces, on the recruit training team after only 3 years of service due to his natural affinity for teaching. This led into outdoor education and saw him gain his Diploma in Education which he began

in the forces (he also finished a degree in War Studies!). Lee is a qualified coach in a huge range of sports, including; Fencing, Archery, Climbing, Caving, Football, Canoeing and other adventure-based sports.

He started the company to use his talents (and the huge assortment of equipment he had amassed) to offer programmes that would be tailored to the end user. He is passionate about inclusion and giving every child the opportunity to experience the ‘wonder of discovery’.

Lee has also always been keen to volunteer his time to offer his services, becoming a Scout Leader, coaching a local youth football team and assisting with organizing and coaching with the local athletics club.

Lee is very determined that the quality of his programmes is always as high as possible and is very particular about the standards of delivery and the training and selection of any staff that may also deliver them.

Lee is insistent that regardless of the potential growth of his business, he will always take the opportunity to be involved in the design and more importantly, the delivery of our programmes.

Sheree Smith

DipVN, DipCanineHydro

Sheree is a vastly qualified Veterinary Nurse and animal rehabilitation consultant.

However, more relevantly, Sheree has also worked extensively with children and young adults, as a vet nurse trainer in practice and whilst working in outdoor education whilst travelling in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Sheree has taught a range of sports and volunteers with the school and a local club to coach netball and athletics and becoming a Scout Leader in NZ.

Sheree has come on board in a mixed role with the company, she offers accounting and administrative support and works directly on programme delivery and development.

Sheree has a passion for working with animals and offers us a unique opportunity to introduce our participants to the natural world and teach them not only how to care for our pet animals, but also basic animal first aid and techniques for approaching animals both in the wild, and at the local park.