Kinesis Events - Programmes

Our Programmes

Our programmes aim to not only provide a care service to fill the niche, but also to provide a fun and developmental programme that the participants will find to be a positive experience. We are very keen to avoid becoming a ‘simple Daycare service’ and want to encourage the children that attend our programmes to discover new interests, achieve personal goals, overcome challenges, experience new activities and develop socially in a positive manner.

To this end, we will be offering a varied and targeted programme of activities alongside more traditional supervised play and homework support.
Both of our core staff have been involved heavily with the Scouting programme and outdoor education programmes in the UK and NZ and this has heavily influenced the style and nature of our programme.

Kinesis Kids Breakfast Club

The breakfast club sessions will run on a very typical system which will be identical every day, a typical day should look as follows;

07.00am – 08.45am

Breakfast time! Healthy food and drink will be available during this period, along with reading materials, board games, staff led play and art supplies. All activities will be driven and supported by the staff member but will also place the onus on the child to be self-sufficient, making their own breakfast choices, cleaning up after themselves and choosing an activity that will keep them busy until school starts.

08.45am – 08.50am

Clean up time! Children will be encouraged and supported to be in charge of cleaning up their area and utensils correctly. Once this is complete, children will be escorted to their classrooms, where appropriate. All children should, by the end of this session, be energized, focused and ready for the school day. We will remain in constant contact with the school to ensure that daily tasks that students should undertake upon arrival at school are encouraged and supported where possible.

After-School Club

Each day will be split into 4 sections, starting with a 30-minute period of free play time, this is primarily to allow the children to wind down from the school day, meet up with friends for chat and to prepare them for the next part. Water and healthy snacks will be available at this time.

The next part of the session will see the group split into smaller groups that will rotate through two or more activity areas; one unit will be devoted to supporting and assisting the students with any given homework or daily tasks, such as reading and topic projects.

The next section of this period will be devoted to what we call our ‘Hobby Time’ this is a selection of hobby based certificates (or badges) that operate in a similar manner to the scouting badge system, that will see the children explore their own hobbies further, take up new hobbies and challenges and get a real, tangible reward at the end of each project. Children will have to option to select ‘hobbies’ that they wish to follow on their own or join in with group ‘hobbies’ that will be led by our staff to offer the widest range of activities possible.

Each hobby area completed will see the child receive a tangible reward; a certificate, a badge and whatever items result from completing the project.

Whilst our staff will support and guide the progress of all of these hobbies, the onus will be on the children to drive their own discovery whilst following the guidelines of each certificate. As an OSCAR (Out of school care and recreation) accredited provider we would need to ensure that we are not offering a ‘teaching’ service, as this against the terms of certification. We will however deliver as much content as possible to support the child’s progress and achievement and where qualified, provide tutoring and coaching to help the child achieve their goal.

The resources required for the children to undertake these hobbies will be provided by the charges Kinesis makes for the programme where possible, although more expensive hobbies may require some additional or external support from parents, we will avoid this unless special activities take place, and these will always be optional.

The ‘hobbies will include some or all of the following areas:

  • Animal Care
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Scientific pursuits
  • Cooking
  • Collecting
  • Communication
  • Creative writing
  • Reading
  • Basic DIY
  • Fire Safety
  • Conservation and the Environment
  • Gardening
  • Home help skills
  • Digital Citizen Scheme
  • Digital makers and basic coding
  • Geocaching & Orienteering
  • Meteorology
  • Basic first aid

As the programme develops and the customer base solidifies we hope to have many more available. The programme will also attempt to reflect the studies being undertaken by the children during normal school hours to offer further opportunity for study or simply to avoid overlapping or contradicting the school syllabus. We would also like to look towards the potential of having linked outings with local sporting and activity groups become a part of the programme as it grows to allow for more adventurous activities to be on offer.

The final element of the programme will be a cool down and mindfulness session, we will offer simple relaxation activities, basic yoga and other similar activities.

Also, the last 15 minutes every day will be devoted to cleaning up, with the children taking an active role and being responsible for ensuring their space is clean and tidy.

Holiday Programmes

A selection of holiday programmes will be available during each holiday period, running along similar lines to the recent summer camp, that will allow the children the chance to be a part of a varied and fun programme that will build on the experiences undertaken during the term time programmes.